Working With The Right Dentist

Working With The Right Dentist

  • 4 Tips For Eating With Your New Dentures

    If you have recently gotten dentures, one thing that you might have noticed is that eating is a lot different. It's true that eating with dentures can be a pain, but it will become easier as you start to get used to it. Plus, if you follow these four tips, you'll find that it's not as hard as you thought it would be. Then, you can feel more comfortable and confident when you are eating your favorite foods while wearing your new dentures.

  • For the Love of Teeth: How Stress Affects Your Oral Health

    Dealing with stress is something we encounter on a daily basis. Stress has been tied to a number of health conditions from anxiety to obesity. If you are experiencing stress regularly, your dentist may be able to tell. This is largely because stress directly affects your teeth in a variety of ways. Most people do not even realize their is a connection between oral health and stress until pain starts to set in.

  • Traditional Sleep Apnea Approaches Vs. Emerging Technologies: Which Is Better For You?

    Sleep apnea is a condition that affects at least 7 million Canadians. It can make you feel tired during the day even though it seems like you should've slept enough. It can also increase risk for diseases because of how the condition interrupts your breathing during sleep. Fortunately there's a new technology out there that can help supplement old techniques for dealing with the condition. The question of whether this new technology is better than traditional technologies will often depend on the patient.

  • Sleep Apnea: Alternatives To CPAP Treatment

    According to the Public Health Agency of Canada's Sleep Apnea Rapid Response Questionnaire, approximately 858,900 Canadians over the age of 18 have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. If you're part of the 3% of adults who have been diagnosed, it's very likely that you have been prescribed continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, therapy. And you also know that, if left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to serious health problems, including heart attacks and stroke.

  • How To Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

    Sensitive teeth are a common problem for many adults, and can cause a great deal of annoyance and pain in your day to day life. If you have sensitive teeth, or if you want to prevent yourself from developing them in the future, there are a number of things that you can do to prevent or reduce the sensitivity of your teeth. Preventing Tooth Sensitivity Brushing: If you brush too hard, or use a hard bristled toothbrush, you can wear down the enamel on your teeth and expose the sensitive layers of your teeth.

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Working With The Right Dentist

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