Working With The Right Dentist

Working With The Right Dentist

Traditional Sleep Apnea Approaches Vs. Emerging Technologies: Which Is Better For You?

Pamela Watkins

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects at least 7 million Canadians. It can make you feel tired during the day even though it seems like you should've slept enough. It can also increase risk for diseases because of how the condition interrupts your breathing during sleep. Fortunately there's a new technology out there that can help supplement old techniques for dealing with the condition. The question of whether this new technology is better than traditional technologies will often depend on the patient.

Automatic Implants

One of the issues involved with sleep apnea is that the airway can close during sleep because it is too thin. A new technology is being developed to help automate the breathing process during sleep and strengthen this airway. The whole system regulates your breathing in a way similar to how a pacemaker regulates your heartbeat.

The implant goes around the patient's chest area, just underneath their skin.  When the implant notices that the patient is breathing, it can send a signal directly to their tongue which makes them open their airway wider so that they can breathe normally.

The traditional approach to treating apnea, the CPAP, is one that many people find uncomfortable since it involves wearing a mask over your face all night.

In the initial study to develop the implant approach, two thirds of the people tested said that their sleep apnea improved by 70 percent. Overall, the implant approach is still in an early stage of development, but when it becomes available, it could be an improvement over those who dislike wearing the face mask all night.

Traditional Sleep Apnea Cures

Many people in the world still get along fine with traditional approaches to curing sleep apnea, which is often a CPAP machine. This machine usually has a mask that fits over both your nose and your mouth.  There's then a tube that goes from the mask to a motor.

The motor is generally inside of a box that's placed on the floor. This motor pumps out air that moves through the tube, up into the mask, and into your lungs. The goal with CPAP machines is to help rhythmically regulate your breathing during the night with a pump that keeps your airway open.

For people that find the masks perfectly comfortable, a CPAP could be enough. It also has the advantage of not requiring surgery like the implant. However, it can be inconvenient for some people to have to move the machine around everywhere they go while travelling, depending on how big it is.

Some machines are more portable than others, and the amount of noise the machines make can vary as well. Generally, with advice from your doctor, it's often wise to try a solution like a CPAP machine first before you consider other emerging options. For more information, contact a business such as Glenmore Family Dental Care.


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