Working With The Right Dentist

Working With The Right Dentist

  • Best And Worst Dental Replacements For A Congenitally Absent Incisor

    A missing tooth isn't always due to trauma or decay. Congenitally absent teeth were missing from birth due to an underlying health condition or a simple failure of the tooth to grow. The missing tooth can cause bite problems and cosmetic concerns regardless of its location in the mouth. But a missing incisor, or one of the two teeth in the very front of the mouth, is one of the more obvious missing teeth.

  • 3 Ways To Repair Your Dentures

    If you are a denture wearer and need a repair, then you are probably exploring your options. Repairs are made to fix missing teeth, bends, cracks or to get a better fit. Damage to your dentures tend to occur from accidentally dropping them or when they are worn. If you do not want to buy a new set, then denture repair is your best option. Read on to find out about how to repair your dentures.

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Working With The Right Dentist

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