Working With The Right Dentist

Working With The Right Dentist

Various Preventative Dental Care Services Offered By Dentists

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Prevention is better than cure — that's something you might hear when you visit a dentist near you. But what exactly does preventative dental care entail?

As the name suggests, preventative dental care refers to a range of dental services that are designed to prevent dental problems and maintain good oral health rather than address problems after they've occurred.

General dentists offer the following services to their patients as part of preventative dental care:

Oral Exam

As part of measures to stop the development of dental disease and maintain good oral health, you should see your dentist at least once per year to get an oral exam done. During an oral exam, your dentist will carry out a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, and gums to check if there are any signs of disease development. They will look for calculus deposits, cavities, and other issues that need to be addressed before extensive treatment is required.

Your dentist will take full-mouth X-rays if a visual investigation of your teeth and supporting structures isn't enough to detect dental abnormalities.

Teeth Cleaning

You brush and floss your teeth regularly to keep your teeth bright and shiny, prevent bad breath, and remove bacteria that may cause dental disease. However, daily brushing and flossing at home aren't enough to prevent dental issues over the long term. You need to see your dentist at least once per year to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

Your dentist has the specialized tools required to get rid of plaque buildup that tends to harden on your teeth over time.

Fluoride Treatments

Applied in the dentist's office as a gel, varnish, or foam, fluoride is a natural mineral that helps with remineralization of the teeth. Over time, your teeth's enamel layer wears off. This increases the risk of dental cavities.

Fluoride treatments help to restore lost minerals, thus building strong teeth and preventing dental cavities.

Educational Instruction 

In addition to offering the above services, your dentist may also give you advice on the proper way to take care of your teeth. For example, they may teach you the proper way to brush and floss your teeth so you can maintain fresh breath and prevent dental disease.

As you can see, dentists play a huge role in helping people to maintain good oral health and avoid dental disease. For more information, don't hesitate to talk to a dentist at an office like Accent Dental.


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