Working With The Right Dentist

Working With The Right Dentist

Tooth Wise: 3 Unusual Ways To Take Care Of Your Oral Health

Pamela Watkins

Taking care of your teeth involves your regular dental care routine and visits to your dentist. But there are a few other things that you might want to consider adding to your oral regimen. The following are 3 unusual ways to take care of your teeth.

Suck on a Stick

Cinnamon sticks dipped in raw honey can do your teeth a lot of good. This honey-stick will be helpful because of several anti-cavity properties that honey and cinnamon contain. Cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde, which is a powerful active ingredient that kills bacteria. Cinnamic aldehyde mainly targets the bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities. Just so you know, you can eat the stick, too.

Honey contains enzymes that help halt bacterial reproduction. Honey is also highly osmotic, which means the bacteria in your mouth will lose moisture upon contact. Lack of moisture should eventually kills those oral pathogens. 

Try to stick with raw honey, as it contains a higher concentration of the aforementioned properties. You can purchase both raw honey and organic cinnamon sticks online or in your local health food store. Or, you can find raw honey in your local bee farm or farmer's market.

The Kissy-Kissy Game

Believe it or not, kissing your spouse or partner may help your oral health. The reason is simply because you are exchanging saliva when you kiss. Saliva is your first line of defense against oral pathogens, and it also helps strengthen your teeth. Saliva contains several minerals that help remineralize your teeth, which enforces your enamel against bacterial attacks. Bacteria attack your enamel, try to penetrate it to reach your dentin, and ultimately cause cavities. 

Karaoke Night

Singing can help you prevent cavities, and it has to do with the production of saliva. Singing can activate your salivary glands due to the stimulation. 

But some nervous singers have the opposite effect because of nerves, which causes them to experience dry mouth. Dry mouth helps create the perfect environment for bacterial reproduction because your mouth lacks saliva. And it won't help your singing either. Try drinking a little warm water or honey-infused water just before singing to help with dry mouth.

Remember that these measures are only meant to help prevent dental ailments, not cure them. So make sure you do not neglect your dental regimen or regular visits to your oral specialist. Schedule regular check ups with a professional dentist, like those at Lifestyle Dental Care, to maintain your oral health.


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