Working With The Right Dentist

Working With The Right Dentist

Adjusting To Life With Dentures

Pamela Watkins

While a new set of dentures can ultimately help to improve your overall health, adjusting to life with your new teeth can be a challenge in the days and weeks after being fitted with your first pair of dentures. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can help make this adjustment period a bit easier.

Avoid Hard Foods While Learning To Eat With Dentures

While new manufacturing processes and materials have resulted in stronger dentures than ever before, even the highest quality dentures may not be as strong as your natural teeth once were. Consequently, you will need to take it slow when determining which foods you can easily bite and chew using your new teeth.

In order to avoid chewing or swallowing problems, it is always best to start out by restricting your diet to soft foods in the days immediately following the placement of your new dentures. As you become more familiar with the feeling of eating with dentures, you can begin adding small bites of harder-to-chew foods. However, you should continue to avoid extremely hard or chewy foods in order to prevent damage to your dentures.

Talk To Yourself In The Mirror

It is quite common for people to experience problems talking while they adjust to life with dentures. Increased salivation, denture slippage, and a crowded feeling surrounding the tongue are a few of the most common denture related issues that interfere with speech. If you find that you are unable to speak clearly or that you are self conscious about the excess salivation that accompanies your speech, talking or reading to yourself in the mirror can help you to overcome this problem.

When practicing your speech, try and concentrate on keeping your dentures in place while growing accustomed to the way your dentures feel on your tongue. In many cases, speaking slowly and at a lower volume can also help to improve the clarity of speech when adjusting to a new pair of dentures.

For some people, the use of denture adhesives can also help to eliminate this problem.

A Final Thought

While many of the symptoms and feelings that you may experience after being fitted with a new pair of dentures will naturally subside with time, some of these symptoms may be a sign of a poor fitting denture. Consequently, if these problems do not resolve themselves within a few weeks, be sure to contact your dentist so that your dentures can be adjusted for a proper fit.


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