Working With The Right Dentist

Working With The Right Dentist

4 Tips For Getting The Best Results Out Of Clear Braces

Pamela Watkins

Invisalign, or clear braces, can be a great option for straightening your teeth without having to wear big, bulky and highly noticeable metal braces. Many people worry that they won't get the same results from clear braces as they would with the more traditional option, but this doesn't have to be the case. If you follow these four tips while you're undergoing teeth straightening treatment, you can help ensure the best results from your clear braces.

1. Don't Take Them Out Too Frequently

Clear braces can be removed any time that you want to take them out, which is great for easy cleaning. However, some people are tempted to remove their clear braces before going out into social situations or when they're having a hard time getting adjusted to wearing them. This is a bad habit to get into, however, because taking your clear braces out can drastically slow down the process of straightening your teeth. Luckily, since they are very hard to see, you shouldn't have to worry about feeling self-conscious when you are wearing them.

2. Avoid Smoking

There are a ton of reasons why you should consider quitting smoking, and your clear braces are yet another reason. Smoking can cause your aligners to stain, which can make them much more noticeable. Plus, it can cause your teeth to stain, and they'll stain unevenly when you're wearing your aligners, which can make the discoloration extremely noticeable.

3. Clean Your Aligners Thoroughly

It's great that you can take your aligners out to thoroughly and easily clean your teeth, but you shouldn't just pop your aligners back into place when you're done. They should be brushed and cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste to help get rid of bacteria and to keep them sparkly and clean.

4. Keep Your Aligners Cool

Invisalign aligners are made from plastic, which means that they can become pliable if they get too hot. This can cause them to become ill-fitting, which can be uncomfortable and can restrict them from properly re-aligning your teeth. When rinsing them off, make sure that you use cool water rather than hot, and always store them in a cool place when you take them out.

As you're going through treatment, you probably want to get the best possible results out of your clear braces. Fortunately, following these four care steps can help you get the beautiful smile that you have always wanted with minimal problems. For more information, contact a dentist like Blundell Dental.


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