Working With The Right Dentist

Working With The Right Dentist

What Is A Smile Makeover?

Pamela Watkins

Many people are not happy with their smile, whether because their teeth are misaligned, they want pearly whites, or because of having a "gummy" smile. If you are not completely satisfied with your smile, you can ask your dentist for a smile makeover. Instead of just one type of cosmetic dental procedure, you will get a combination of procedures that give you that Hollywood smile you are hoping for.

Teeth Whitening

The first type of procedure often performed during a smile makeover is teeth whitening. Your dentist will offer two options: tray whitening or laser whitening. If you want your whitening to be done in the office, you should choose laser whitening. They will use a whitening gel and laser to whiten your teeth. With tray whitening, it takes longer because impressions need to be taken to make the custom-made trays. Some of this type of whitening is done at home.


If you have problems with your teeth alignment or the surface of your teeth, such as gaps or chips, you can get bonding done. Bonding uses a resin that is colored the same shade as your other teeth. It can fill gaps and spaces between your teeth, as well as any chips or cracks in your teeth. In addition, if you have dark stains on your teeth that whitening can't fix, you can cover the entire tooth surface with the bonding material.


Crowns are also used to cover different types of imperfections on your teeth. The main difference between a crown and bonding is that the crown also helps to protect and strengthen your tooth. If you have decay on a tooth, the crown covers the appearance while also preventing further damage or fracturing of the tooth. A crown covers your tooth completely, while bonding is only painted on the tooth. The crown can cover dark staining, fix chips or broken teeth, and cover teeth that are gray due to severe decay.

Teeth Contouring

If it is the size and shape of your teeth that you are not happy with, you can get tooth contouring as part of your smile makeover. The dentist will file down your tooth to change its shape or size. For example, some people have front teeth that are very sharp and pointed, similar to fang teeth. You can get these filed down so they are flat and aligned with your other front teeth.


For missing teeth, you have a few different options, but dental implants are the best choice. They are more permanent because a metal post is implanted into your jaw bone, becoming your new tooth root. An abutment and crown is placed on top of this metal post, which looks just like a natural tooth. Click here for more information.


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